Welcome to the BEERCANS.NL homepage. My name is Klasines Nijmeijer and I collect beercans. I am a collector but I also buy, sell and trade beercans. I started collecting all beercans in 1984 but now I am only collecting very old cans from Holland and Germany (Straight steel and Flat Tops) and also all nice looking sets from all around the world.

I am also especially interested in Tennent's girls and scenes.

At this page I am showing many pictures of the best cans in my collection and also many gallons and beercans which I have for trade or sale. If you see something interesting for you please contact me.

I am always interested in buying rare cans and collections. Please contact me if you have something to offer.

I am also selling many cans and gallons on EBAY. Here you can view my current auctions..

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Email   info@beercans.nl